The Wedding Gin Bucket


I waddled my way to a church this past weekend in a dress that definitely fit last summer, but considering I had to lie down to zip it up, I clearly haven’t lost all of my winter coat yet. But, wedding season is just about in full swing, so I better get on top of that, or at least indulge in something that makes me not care either way. On that note, in comes the gin bucket, probably one of the greatest inventions ever created that I was only recently educated on during the wedding of my best friend Meghaan last summer in Montana. Meghaan from Missurah (Missouri) was getting married to a real live cowboy. A real one. How ridiculously cool is that? Plus, I forgot to mention that she is a real live cowgirl. I couldn’t wait.


The Groom



The Venue


I arrived in probably the most beautiful venue for a wedding imaginable, the pictures truly don’t do it justice. The groom, as handsome as can be, the bride, stunning as per usual, it was just simply picturesque. The mountains behind us, the horses grazing in the fields, haybales for chairs, and then, the gin bucket. Now, the bride went to school at University of Missouri and there is an (I guess you would call it this) extracurricular activity group called GDI (God Damn Independents (from fraternity/sorority which they think are stupid…I was in a sorority, oh well)) or, as I lovingly refer to them, my drunken, redneck friends from Missurah.  These dudes sure know how to drink.

Big John, a fellow bridesmaid, was a bit of a leader in GDI and as a dutiful bridesmaid, felt it appropriate to make sure the bride didn’t get cold feet i.e. booze her up. Hence, the gin bucket. As Big John said, “Liberty grab

1 bottle of gin

1 bottle of vodka (bottle size at your discretion “Liberty get the BIGGER one”)

1 bottle of lemonade

1 bottle of ginger ale

fill bucket with ice

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy the Show” (there is no easier recipe on earth…got to just keep it real simple sometimes folks)


 Not only did the bridesmaids above (Big John, ME, and Bridget) imbibe, as well the bride, but the Reverend couldn’t help but partake.



The Bride



The Reverend

So, for all your wedding woes whether you are the bride or groom (no cold feet), the bridesmaids/groomsmen (no boredom), or the Reverend (not sure what to say about that one), this is the wedding drink for you. With the parting words of Big John, “Just remember what it does Liberty”.

Don’t worry, they made it.


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