Dear Readers, I figured an introduction would be necessary ”so that my friends can learn about my life and new people can meet me.” This made me a lot bit nervous. Writing about myself isn’t really my forte, but here’s my best shot at giving you a little bit of insight into my life. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri (pronounced Miz-uhr-ah by the locals). My dad wanted to name me Alabama, but he settled for Liberty (after a drummer in Billy Joel’s band), which is so much more normal…

I had very realistic goals when I was younger. I wanted to be in the circus, and I wanted to marry Screech (Saved by the Bell). I really didn’t think that was too much to ask.  Screech never called, but he never amounted to much, so I guess I’m better off. In between my summer circus gigs, I really got into math.  I geeked my way all the way to MIT, graduating in 2010 with a degree in Mathematics and a concentration in political science and Russian from Harvard (I’m now Dr. Vittert with a PhD in Mathematics and  Statistics so the geek part remains…we can’t all change.)

Why am I worth listening to about cooking you might be wondering? Well, in between university and the PhD I wasn’t exactly sure of my life-plan, so I moved to Paris and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school (a bit of an Eat Pray Love year). I’m now short part of a finger (don’t freak out, you can barely tell the difference), but I found my niche. Yep, I love it. I love the buttercream, and the insanely difficult piping, and the savory side of crispy duck breast crostinis and buttermilk fried chicken. It’s my thang. Plus, everyone loves food, and I’m going to show you how to make it delicious and fun. At the very least, I can teach you how to make a whipped cream bikini.

So dear reader, I welcome you on a journey with me, an American in the UK, exploring all things foodie (i.e. calorific).  Hopefully, you’ll learn some guilty pleasure recipes to fill your belly, impress your guests, entice you to go to the gym and maybe learn a bit more about about your wonderful cities right along with me.


Disclaimer: There will be no haggis in any of my recipes… Ever.