Acai (Smoothie in a) Bowl

DSC_6359I know, I know, Acai bowls are so two months ago (or probably two years if you live in LA), but I am a bit late to the party (what’s new?). Anything that has a name I am not sure I can pronounce scares me a little bit (a lot) so I tend to stick with food I understand: fried chicken, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, etc. But, I think it is easy to forget that food is food. We aren’t re-inventing the wheel here folks (unless it is that crazy new meatless meat that google is cooking up) and we really shouldn’t be too afraid. Let me explain. I went to this wonderful little spot in Glasgow called Juice Garden and deciding to be adventurous I tried their Breakfast Acai Bowl.DSC_6353 It was delicious, but it tasted suspiciously like a smoothie I had made for myself when I was on a healthy kick (like 4 years ago). After intense investigation (i.e. going to Juice Garden 5 days in a row and ordering the Breakfast Acai Bowl each time) and a significantly lighter wallet, I emarked on an Acai Bowl making of my own. It was a disaster. The acai was bitter, there was no thick creaminess but just runny graininess, and the granola was so full of sugar that even I couldn’t pretend it was breakfast worthy. After intense googling, two more trips to Juice Garden, and 42 smoothies experiments later (the chief taste tester Henry is really digging acai right now), I reached perfection. A bowl, thick as frozen yogurt, as creamy as ice cream, as healthy as Broccoli (ew), and absolutely delicious. I cheated a little bit and did not make my own granola (who has time for that?- no offense if you do, I’m just jealous). But overall I am incredibly satisfied with my health kick, I felt full for HOURS (usually about 45 minutes after breakfast I am starving again) and my sweet tooth was completely assuaged. This stuff really is the superfood that everyone says it is. Only four more years til’ I do it again!DSC_6354Ingredients: Serves 2

100g frozen acai berries (1 pouch)

1 frozen banana

12 large frozen strawberries

120 mL almond milk (or real milk, let’s not be too picky) (1/2 cup)

1 tsp vanilla bean (vanilla extract)

1 Tbs agave nectar (optional levels of health here)


25g blueberries (1/4 cup)

50g sliced strawberries (1/3 cup)

2 Tbs coconut shavings

50g granola (1/3 cup)

To Prepare:

1. Blend the acai, banana, strawberries, milk, vanilla, and agave (optional) together.

2. Top away!

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